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Originally Posted by 1969to2010 View Post
I had posted my last suspension nightmare a few months ago that turned out to be a trailing arm bushing now another issue awesome ( Ty again JDP )

My car had slight bump steer for a while wasn't too bad hitting bumps and going around curves the car would shimmy kind of like wobble back and fourth motion like a sway

Anyway took the car to Detroit and back for Bbomg5 now the car is 100 times worse cars moving a lot out on the road def not cool.

The car
1SS 76 mil turbo
Pfadt springs 1.25 drop
Sphon tunnel brace
BMR trailing arms
BMR toe rods
BMR full poly subframe bushings
9 inch forgestars 11 inch rears
Pfadt sway bars front and rear
Stock end links
Cars alignment is perfect tire pressures fine
Not a balancing issue bc them it would vibrate and shake

Is it the poly subframe bushings ? i have heard they move.
Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated
There is no reason to gues at this.

If you think the rear sub-frame bushings are the culprit use a GoPro or similar camera and get a bit of video on the rear sub-frame bushings. Post it here.

If that isn't conclussive we'll point that camera at a few more critial locations until we isolate the issue and identify a fix.
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