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Originally Posted by Maddog78 View Post
Who says we will go back to an 85 cent dollar anytime soon?
Most prediction I've seen say a drop of maybe 5-8 cents over the next 2 yrs.
This is a rip off, plain and simple.
Like I said earlier, when our dollar was 65 cents there was virtually no difference in Canadian and US car prices once you did the conversion.
Now our dollar is par we are being ripped off, there is no other way to say it. I'm sure most Canadian's would accept a slightly higher price because yeah, it is a smaller market, higher cost of business, etc. but $7K on a $30K car?Not good.
Look at Chrysler for one better example. Dropped the price of the Journey from 27K to 20K in Canada. That's more like it.
you know... even though the Canadian dollar is more than the American dollar there are a lot of places in NYS that still charge tourists from Canada more...
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