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Yeah, same with many in WA, which is just across the line from me.
It's because of exchange rates and fees. When they take their few hundred or whatever $C in, they will not get as good a rate as you see posted online plus the bank will charge them a fee.
There are always 2 rates. One to buy, one to sell. The banks make money either way. The exchange rate you see on online sites is usually in the middle of the buy/sell rate and is usually the rate for a million dollar exchange or plus.
Depends on the merchant though. Some will take the loss of a few percent just to get the business. Some don't care.

Also I just read a new prediction today that with high oil prices supporting our currency it will go up to $1.10 by the end of next year.
Look's very unlikely now that our dollar will ever go back to 85 cents in the forseeable fututre.

How will GM explain to Canadians that a Camaro, built in Canada, costs $7K more than the US when our dollar is worth %10 more?

I can't wait to hear this one!
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