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Seeking 9s on M6...
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Originally Posted by dookie454 View Post
Hey PMJ... were you over at HPTuners asking about this? If so I'm the one (10_SS) that mentioned reducing the opening rate... So far so good? It's a must I believe.

I was wanting to find someone with this same blower as myself to see if you notice a spike from around 95-110kpa? This would be when the bypass valve closes I assume... so imagine part throttling it then it gets to about 95kpa then suddenly bumps to 115kpa as the bypass closes I assume... this is kinda annoying since there is no way to smoothly transition...

It actually causes a problem on a road course going around corners when your on the cusp of slide...

If you dont see it them maybe I need an adjustment or something.

my LT1 Procharger never did this... silky smooth transition.
Yes, same PMJ. I finally made it back to the track last weekend. I finally got my 10s run, but the slower throttle actually hurt more than it helped (I should have look closer at my logs while I was there).

The above log shows a nice gradual transition to WOT...this was on the street and I thought it was a good fix. As you can see in my first run at the track below, the slower throttle turned into a mess... I guess I was shifting too fast . You can see I shift, floor it, the TPS opens rapidly to 50%+, then starts to close back down to 30%, and then flies open about as rapidly as I floored it originally and results in the exact same boost spike and lean spike...just took longer to get there.

I'm as confused as ever, but when I get this issue solved, I can take another .5s off my time!

I'm headed back to Victoria to see Pat G again. This time we are going with a SD tune in hopes of removing the lean spike.

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