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Well I guess since I got COTW it is only fair that I post a mod! Lol last week I ordered some LSR Sway Bars and they arrived today. I went with LSR for a couple of reasons. One reason was they were on sale at the time with free shipping. Another reason is because they are made out of chrome-moly and chrome-moly is usually lighter than steel. Here is what they look like.

Today I decided to start with the easier of the two, the rear. O lord did I have a huge problem with that. I had so much trouble undoing the end-links from the sway bar. When I would untighten the nut everything would move with it. If the rest of the end link wasn't round it wouldn't of been a problem but it was near impossible to get a grip on it to stop it from moving but after an hr and a half I managed to get both un-hooked.

As you can see in this pic I had to use a pair of pliers and a death grip to hold the circular part stationary as I tried to under the nut. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't. I did however find it was a little easier to do when I hit the nut with a heat gun. Finally got the stock one off and put the LSR Rear sway bar on. I set it to the stiffest setting.

Here are some pics of it installed.

The black stuff on them is from the gloves I was using during the install.

I will say though that with just the rear sway bar in the car does handle better than before. It feels stiffer in the corners and doesn't seem like it will break loose. Can't wait to see how the car feelings with the front installed. I plan on doing that tomorrow morning before work. Now I weighed the LSR rear sway bar with the bushings and it weighed 8lbs. The stock sway bar and bushings weighed only 4.96lbs. I was expecting the stock to be more honestly. So far with the install of the sway bars I gained 3.04lbs. I wonder what the front sway bar will weigh, the LSR front sway is 7.58lbs, so a little lighter than the rear. I'm going to be going to a road course this Saturday so def want to get the front sway on ASAP. I am also going to the drag strip on Sunday to see if I can run some personal best times with the cooler air. Not sure how the sways will affect that, I doubt they will help too much.
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