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Originally Posted by RED DEMON SS View Post
Thank you i appreciate your opinion, and in the end it will look awesome because old school was my father and i am a little newer school. When you said that it made my day! In case you didn't know this was my fathers order and he passed before taking delivery 2 weeks before it arrived at the dealership. His ashes are painted into the front bumper!
I gathered that it might be a tribute car but had no idea it was a preorder for you dad and then upon his sudden death his ashes painted into the bumper!!!! Wow!! Seriously one of my favorite builds on the forum!! You have really honored him and it shows through out the build!! Camaro feast is in Huston this year and hope you can make it!!!! Would love to meet you in person and see car first hand!! I will be there for sure. Look forward to watching your thread!!!! You dad would be proud and is proud looking down!!!!
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