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Originally Posted by ayousef View Post
what Ted said might work, I didn't go through the entire progress you had on this but did you try to disable transient fueling just for the hell of it? This is assuming the lean condition is causing the spike and not the other way around.

but yes even the throttle body will be happier if the bypass valve slows down, you can also alter the throttle opening rate.

Right I never asked you this but do you have spark smoothing turned off by any chance?
Hi Mohamad, I spent the day today back in Victory w/Pat G tuning. He finished out my SD tune and we tried it. We are still seeing a lean spike when punching it... Bill (my friend who tunes my car as well/originally), said a long time ago that the lean spike happens period, and there's no getting rid of it. Pat G and I now agree w/Bill .

What we did discover, was by slowing the throttle down (throttle opening rate) from 100 to 3 seems to have a similar effect that Ted suggested with the jet restrictor in the bypass valve. Result was no boost spike, and hence no knock. But the lean spike remained.

So I've officially given up on the lean spike...and now focused on the boost spike. It appears slowing the Throttle opening rate should be a good fix, but I've done this previously and it failed miserably at the track...only thing I hope is I was too aggressive w/it set to 2 and then 1...maybe backing off to 3 or 4 will still be effective w/o going 50%+ and then dropping back to 30% and then spiking at my original rate to 100%...

It looks good on the street. Only my next track visit will tell. In the mean time, i'll see if Ted will sell me an inline jet, as I'm having trouble finding them.
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