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Seeking 9s on M6...
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Originally Posted by DuskED13 View Post
OK I just read this entire thread and this build is insane!
When I saw the pic of you pulling the entire motor in your garage it blew my mind. I could only dream of being able to do that and have the confidence to put it all back together again to work.

Three questions,
1. Would buying the ZL1 Camaro in the first place have helped any with the build? Or would you have still had to replace everything anyway?
2. Why haven't you upgraded the supercharger by now?
3. Why haven't you focused on weight reduction?

Love this thread and all the pics. The videos are awesome! Keep them all coming!
Thank you. I enjoy keeping it updated.

1. Yes, in hind sight, zl1 would have been a better starter car. I had no clue I'd be where I am today when I bought it. I definitely caught the bug.

2. Upgrade to what? I went w/the pd blower for reliability, and whipple was the largest and best intercooler. I considered turbos, at the time, but felt the whipple was best option for a daily driver. Plus it's to get my money's worth out of the whipple. At this point, I'm holding out for the whipple release date in sight.

3. I seemed to be more focused on adding weight. Super chiller, 4 gal meth tank, roll bar... Most of the weight reduction I've seen compromises safety or comfort. This is still my 800 hp daily driver. (I have my economy car for backup when I'm upgrading or's a suburban). The bogart, slicks and skinnies give some value and weight reduction. I haven't seen anything else that I see value in. But always open to suggestion!


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