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Originally Posted by tonyG View Post
It took me about 3 weeks to go through this build thread and I must say... Your car is my cars idol!!! By far the best build I have yet to see. The best of the both worlds. Looks and performance. I seen some other members on here had problems with savini wheels. Did you happen to have any issues?
Originally Posted by tonyG View Post
Unfortunately... I think it may be a little to late for that. I think I joined this forum a few days too late. seen someone else's thread regarding their experience with savini. Will know more tomorrow whether my order can be canceled. I'd like to think they've resolved their issues since then
Thanks for the compliment. I really wanted to strike a balance between being able to run at the track and looking good enough for street meets and car shows.

As far as Savini goes, they make a great looking wheel, but quality is hit or miss, and their customer service is non-existent.

My wheels turn fine, but the finish started peeling shortly after I received them. Savini assured me that if I sent them back they would take care of it a new finishing technique. They said they would clear powder coat them, and then paint on top of that for a stronger finish. Unfortunately that's not what they did. They simply stripped the finish off and painted over bare metal. When asked about it later, they said that since they'd rushed the job for me they didn't have time to do that process. What?! Are you kidding me? That was the entire reason I sent them back in the first place, and they came back with a worse finish than I sent them with. I just spent the money to have them refinished here locally, and they've been doing fine since.

Also, Savini makes show wheels, not performance wheels. Mine are a whopping 72 (rear) and 69 (front) lbs including tires, though they are 22s. Since I set my car up for the quarter, I have slicks and skinnies for the track.

Savini makes some great looking wheels. If they had better quality control and any kind of customer service they'd be much better off as a company.

I really like some of the wheels by D2 Forged and 360 Forged.
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