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Well from reading the thread at once, it just seems you are dead set on reaching tens and even high nines as a goal, but your still doing top out Texas like runs and using it as a daily driver.

Your making the car be three things at once and trying to make it the best at all three at the same time.

If you would just focus on making it one of those cars and not all three at once, you could have surpassed every one of your goals in every single category by now. But instead, your just short of all your goals in all three categories.

Your trying to have your cake and eat it too and it's going to make you insane by the end of this build lol.

Just an outside observation. I love everything about this car and your an ace mechanic for sure. But if this was set up for top speed, it would be well over 210 by now, set up for drag, prolly in the mid nines, and as a daily driver, you could have stopped a long time ago.

Unless of course your goal is to make it the worlds fastest 1/4mile daily driver with a top speed of over 200. In that case carry on and create the most badass camaro I've ever seen!

Love the build, keep the pics coming. I'm subscribed so I know the steps to follow in building mine! Keep the posts coming
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