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Internet help please!

So im about to pull my hair out and cant figure out what is going on lately with my internet. Hoping that someone one here might know a fix or the answer to my issue.

So i have a macbook pro and use wifi for my connection, granted comcast sucks a$$.. For the past 2 weeks or so my wifi has been dropping out literally ALL. THE. TIME... however my wifi bar is connected and it says im connected. My router and modem are perfectly fine and light up all in green saying everything is connected. I figured i should reset everything and that would do the trick but apparently not.

I can place my mac next to the router and modem and still cant even get my browser to even load. Yet my wifi bar is full and still reading that im connected to the internet. Im running out of ideas here, i even reset the wifi configuration on the mac to see if that would work and still nothing. Im even unable to watch a full movie on Netflix off my xbox360 without it signing me out of xbox live and then i cant even finish it. I get about 25% through a movie and then itll cut out.

Every time my wifi drops out on my mac i have to click my wifi bar, turn it off and then turn it back on, wait for 10 secs to reconnect before the internet works again and at most will last for 5 mins before i have to re do what i just did.

Anyone have a clue what the issue is?
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