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Question question for L99 guys..

installed my cold air inductions intake and i love it but heres my question, when im at slow speeds and than i step on a little bit so i can go a little faster i hear a noise ive never heard before, its almost like a "swoosh thud" if that makes any sense what so ever lol its hard to describe. it doesnt sound serious at all but my old K&N intake i never heard this sound. i also dont have my car tuned yet and my other mods in my sig havent been installed yet. so im thinking because i went from a plastic k&n to a metal CAI that im hearing the cylinders turn on and off because of AFM? i used to have a range v8 but i sold it because im getting my mods this week and im tuning it next week. i think im being a little paranoid but has anyone else heard a weird noise from a new METAL intake and having AFM still on? just making sure its from the change of intake being that metal intakes are louder and echo more engine noise and my AFM is no longer disabled. its not throwing any codes and it runs great just so you know. i hate AFM i cant wait to have it off for good!

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