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JRE tune took care of that dam AFM for me!

that AFM noise became worse when I deleted the resonator, and put a 3" exhaust with X pipe....Tried to live with the sports mode shifting thingy, but that got old real quick.
Good Ol Ted at JRE, his tune killed that awful AFM, and helped with the shift points, and keeps my radiator temp no higher than 198, even in Hot Ass So Cal summer.
This is the sound, and performance Chevy should have gave this car from the factory.
With the Vmax TB, and K&N cia, this car kicks ass over lexus, Infinity, BMW, Chally, 4.6L mustangs, ( have not had the chance to dice with the new 5.0) on the freeways. its amazing to just 'walk away' from these guys in their so called luxury cars. I think they watch these commercials, and actually believe they can blow away everyone while lapping in the luxury of their cars. . . then they meet the JSB Camaro, blue devil!
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