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Originally Posted by chiefsalami View Post
Of course they will be told to be careful. If they damage the paint, they will be the new owners. I don't yet have the new wheels... what I wanted to do was get these sold before ordering the new ones, because I didn't want to be "stuck" with these if people decide to lowball or whatever. That's the plan right now, anyway... I might just pull the trigger on the new ones and take the chance. Then I'll be able to take the picture you mentioned.

I will ship them in the same boxes the new wheels come in, bubble wrapped or otherwise protected, if need be.

I am not sure how to "prove" myself. I don't have anyone on this board to vouch for me, because I am new and found the forum myself. No one led me here. As I said before, I have ebay/paypal rating going back years that I could use. Or membership on other (German car) forums. What do you suggest?
Oh ya, I see your ebay stuff you did....

Just like you want to sell these first, when someone buys them, there are not going to want to wait for your new ones to arrive. It could be weeks or months depending on what you buy.

All that time they are waiting for yours to arrive, they could get damaged.... you could get in an accident (God forbid) and damage them, etc

I am trying to think of something to help you.

I personally would not buy them or pay for them until they are off of the car, dismounted and ready to be shipped so I know nothing happened to them.

I already have six wheels, four of which have little cosmetic issues. I wouldn't want or need more wheels I have to have
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