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Ghost Cam option with Trifecta Tube

Hi guys!

I am sure this has been discussed before but my searching hasn't given me a real answer. Will using the ghost cam option on the trifecta tune cause damage to my engine or say my bbk high flow cats?

I turned on the ghost cam on the lowest setting and boy does it sound great. I tried it for a few minutes then turned it off in favor of doing some more research. I get mixed info from this site and others. Some say yes it will do damage over time, others say no it just makes your mpg go down.

One curious and disturbing post said it will ruin your highflow cats. That was on a mustang site but none the less. I have bbk LT headers w/ high flow cats and I don't want to ruin them or the engine for that matter.

So I wanted to see what the experience was here and what your thoughts are... If I did use the ghost cam, it would be on the lowest setting. Thanks !

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