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Originally Posted by xVengeancex28 View Post
It seems to be an issue anytime of day, morning, night, afternoon.. not sure if those speed tests online that are free do much but i did one from comcast and it said mine was 22.29 mb download and 4.46 upload.. second time i ran the test it gave me a reading of 18mb download and 4.65 upload, not sure but that doesnt sound like a whole lot.

As for the modem / router.. it does have built in wifi, however from what ive been reading in the thread it sounds like its the ISP or router issue. Ill have to see what im "suppose" to getting for MB and speed tomorrow. I wouldnt be surprised if im suppose to be getting more and I'm getting half. Friend of mine said he was suppose to be getting something like 50mb and he was only receiving 20.

Also again, the internet has been great all day no cutting out.. but i guarantee the second i hop on youtube and try to watch anything itll drop
Those speeds are far more than enough to do whatever you want on the internet for most home users. I only have a 10mb connection and i have never had a problem. I would have to agree with everyone else. sound like a modem problem to me. I just had to replace mine for similar problems.
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