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Originally Posted by blazzin1 View Post
Hey, while y'all are messing around with this....can I ask a question? I have the same suspension set-up on mine (DRP007), although I have not installed the brake components yet. The lower control arms have a spherical ball joint on the inboard attachment point, and the stock hub also has an OEM ball-joint type connection on the outboard side. Because of these ball joint type connections, when I have the full weight-on-wheels, my lower control arm is "cocked over" towards the back of the car at an angle. It doesn't sit straight up and down because the shock is pushing down/back on the LCA, and also the sway bar link is pushing down on it too. When I jack up the car, everything straightens itself out. Is this normal? Is it something that I did wrong on installation? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Your setup is acting exactly how it should, the spherical rod ends allow it to articulate a little back there but it won't effect the performance what so ever. With the rear suspension geometry and the arcs that these parts work on the spherical rod ends are the best option on a kit like this.
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