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Originally Posted by ChrisL View Post
I hear ya. It's all good. This car does one thing no one can dispute. It evokes a great amount of passion.

and believe me, we are truely humbled by it all.
Thanks for these words, you don't know what it's like to read something like this to someone who's been waiting so long for the 5th Gen Camaro.

I'm very envious of you and your fellow disciples. I wish you could tell us more.

Is there anything you are allowed to "tease" us with? I mean it's obvious they told you that you can't give away info, and I'm so starved for info right now I'll even take hints. I guess one thing I can ask is whether there is anything you saw about the car that nobody has known about or speculated or guessed? Or how about this: is there anything about the car that's never been done before? I'm not asking "what", just "yes/no".

Thanks for taking the time to share with us what you can!
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