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I'm getting a LOT of emails asking about Indy and when everyone will see the first production cars.

Let me say this:

If you want to see the various "flavors" of Camaro -- and you want to see some of the presentations that the Disciples saw -- and you want a chance to meet some of the people who have worked on this car tirelessly to make it the best Camaro ever -- by far -- and you want to see hundreds upon hundreds of fellow Camaro/Firebird/pace car enthusiasts' cars -- and you want to take a lap on the world famous Indy Motor Speedway --
THEN YOU WANT TO COME TO INDY and I suggest you make arrangements now rather than later........

That said -- plans can change anytime -- and we all know that spy photos are apt to happen -- no matter how hard we try to keep the car under wraps. (I actually had security on-hand last week and baffles made so that cars could be unloaded somewhere without the possibility of prying eyes (or cameras) taking pictures........)

We will show the car to select members of the media sometime this summer -- and we've done this long enough to know that SOMEONE -- somewhere -- will manage to get their paws on a picture or two -- so to say that Indy is the first time you'll ever see a production car -- is simply not a true statement -- because we DON'T know what will happen between now and then.

I know this -- if you don't go to Indy -- I suspect you may be disappointed that you didn't go.
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