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Originally Posted by rdsesq View Post
With all due respect, I have to disagree. I called them to try and find out what the latest SW version was available, and had my version numbers.
They said they couldn't help me. I had to contact the dealer.

There is a bug in the initialization code for an ipod running of the USB port when the car starts. It is a race condition that it sometimes inits the ipod before the mylink system is finished booting and the ipod will not show up. But, if you unplug the ipod from the USB port, then plug it back in the system will recognize it.

I asked them how I could file a bug report with Chevy regarding this, as it is clearly a bug in the init code. They said they couldn't help me.

I don't think either of these questions are unreasonable and support center for the infotainment system should be able to assist with either of them. I was quite disappointed that they were less than useful.

So I will ask the question here.
Does anybody know if there is a firmware revision that has addressed the initialization race condition?
And anything been done about the issue of indexing every time the system is turned on, even if an ipod has not been updated?
I just have chat with GM support and they have transferred me to mylink support, I've told them my issue and asked what is the latest version or is there an update for mylink, he asked me about my VIN and even told him the software version before the latest I have, guessing he will say you are on outdated version, the shock was he said you are have latest version , then he start to guide me kind of reset, like turn off the car and remove the key then open the doors for 90 second and then turn on the car and press talk. I didn't do it yet because I'm far from my car.
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