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Originally Posted by TAG UR IT View Post
EXACTLY. And this, this is why I'm so bummed that the official unveil won't be at INDY. I wanted to be a part of history....and was willing to spend a grand to be a part of it (and money sure as heck doesn't grow on trees for me!). Now, I'd rather see the pix online and save my cash for a downpayment.

On the other hand, this post just about made ME well up with tears! I could almost see it and feel it walking out to the "vettes" only to see the Camaros. Ugh...and to get the opportunity to drive them?!?! I'd bet anything that V6 manual is not only as fast as the 4th Gen Z28 (mayyyybe a few hp shy), but even cooler, is that I bet that manual is a 6spd.

Man, I couldn't even fathom the excitement. I probably would have gotten myself sick and given myself migranes from all the You increadibly lucky folks. I'm so increadibly happy for ya'll.
I did tell ya'll that Autoblog inside info is usually spot on. I hear your pain, although for those of us that can't get to Indy, that isn't really bad news.

As an edit...I'd have given my left nut to be there and see the Camaro on the track. I'm serious...I'm done with kids. Scott are you listening?? Put it up on your mantle to show all what someone is willing to do to be part of history.

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