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Originally Posted by ToneyTone View Post
Do you mean the possible entry level engine option in the non-DI 3.6? Because all indication points to the same engine out of the CTS with the 304hp DI engine and thats the one I was talking about.
It'd definitely the 3.6L DOHC DI V6 that makes 304hp in Caddys. But that's where the detuned part comes in. We don't have GM confirmation yet, but more than a few inside reports are saying they will lower the power to 260hp (detune) so the lower priced, lesser optioned, lower profit V6 Camaros will not steal more profitable Mid level V8 Camaro sales. They also didn't think it was a good idea to have the Camaro V6 beat the current Mustang GT (V8). So expect 260hp V6, but we may be able to retune the 40hp back in to it. We'll see.

EDIT: We DO have GM confirmation. See post 11 below.

Originally Posted by z28camaro2471 View Post
I with you on this "Camaro5". No need to entirely disregard v8s. In fact, as you so clearly note, we're not gaining much in terms of fuel efficiency with the I4.
Yes. Turns out if you want high performance period, you're going to pay at the pump, but you get more torque and horsepower out of a modern V8. You should see all the Infiniti G owners complaining about fuel mileage on the web.

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