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Originally Posted by OrngCrush View Post
Your kind of making my point, the new Z28 is not fully loaded. And it's at least a 50% markup from a loaded SS for the Z28. I understand you have to pay to play, but seems they have lost touch. I bought my first Z28 just out of high school in '78 which was only 7% more than a rally sport V8. At the time it was not easy to swing it working entry-level full-time but it was possible. Don't get me wrong I would love a new Z28, just think this one has fallen away from it's roots a bit. Just my opinion. I respect those that think otherwise. We all love Camaros .
It's roots?...You mean the 1Gen then, if we're really talking about its roots. This Z/28 IS back to its roots and beyond. The 1978 was a far far cry from the roots of the 1Gen. The 5Gen Z/28 "loaded" is very much in line with a 1Gen "loaded", please review the option list from 1969. Today's 5Gen Z/28 already has all that included. You can even get AC on the 5Gen, however not on the 1Gen.
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