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Originally Posted by LOWDOWN View Post
Go back to the '69 MSRP list, take a 6-cylinder Camaro, add all the features you can to match a 2013 1LT as close as you can, and you'll find the '69 list would have been over $5,800. You STILL wouldn't have all the electronic and safety features you have, today, nor would you have the build quality you have today.

$5,800, adjusted for today's dollar (X 5.94), = $34,452, considerably more than its current Base Price.

To approximate a Z/28, you'd need to take '69 COPO 9560 ZL1-engined Camaro (@ $7,000 and change) and start adding a very l-o-n-g list of features to it. You'd end up well north of $10,000...which today would be over $60,000...which it will be...

I see where your going here, in some aspects prices are lower for some options today. But, how is a ZL1 a Z28? Which is my point. Limited production numbers, hand built motors, excessive markups does not represent what traditionally was a Z28. I just feel it is not a car for the masses. COPO's were rare for a reason. The new Z28 while impressive is a bit too exotic when compared to previous generations of Z28 in terms of prices and production numbers in my opinion.
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