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Originally Posted by johnnyangel View Post
Well I ordered mine in March, I was told then 6 - 10 weeks, so at the end of May when I called to see how the order was coming I was told it wasnt on order that if I still wanted it it could be ordered then, of course my deposit was never returned on the order from March.

If I didnt call and was still waiting for a call that the car was there I still wouldnt know.

So at the end of May the order was placed, now 5 days ago I get a letter not even a phone call that they cant get me the car, no check with the letter and of course the salesman has not returned my calls, I have GM on it.

I found another dealer that can get me the car, well see I sincerly doubt it but maybe Ill be surprized.

Talking with Chevy though of course giving me the corporate retoric that they care but with the emphisis that they can not force the dealers into returning customer deposits but they will do all they can.

Is it any wonder why the auto makers are in the mess they are and of course taking advantage of us that want the camaro.

probably should have went with the challanger.
A friend of mine has a dealership upstate. He has a 2SS RS coming in un-sold if you want or he can order one for you. he has allocation.

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