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Originally Posted by SSINSTR View Post
I drove one a few months ago and was not impressed. I honestly could have more fun in my chipped 1.8t than I could in that car. Just felt boring and didn't have that low end grunt.

Anyone else catch the mention of a DI LS motor. Makes me think of the "forget everything you know about engines" quote.
About the G37 - ya no thrill. It's super fast, but it doesn't feel it. God help us, maybe it's over-refined. But only 270 lbs/ft torque too...

The DI LS should debut in 2011 in small numbers with many more in 2012. Somewhere else I posted a UAW doc link showing DI future business with dates.
It would be a blast if they made some before that, but it does not look like it.

fbodfather more recently said "We have new stuff you haven't heard about" regarding the V8 engine, so it's something new.

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