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Originally Posted by kmcd View Post
Thanks for your input.

How many miles are on your car? 63K

What wheel and tire package are you running? Started with the original 245/45 Pirellis on the 20x8 stock wheels for the first 25K. Then ran 245/45 INVOs on the stockers. Recently mounted 275/40 INVOs on 20x9 Rohana RC5s.

Has the car been in any type of collision? Kissed a curb? Gone off road at a track? Negative

Has a run-out check been done on the wheel, rotor and hub separately and as a completed assembly? No, but I'm on my second set of rotors with no change in the vibration.

Is t the same shop that has road forced both sets of wheels and tires?
Each package was road forced at 2 different shops. Same vibration throughout.
Before we drive ourselves crazy, the easiest and fastest way to eliminate wheels and tires as a cause is to install two known good wheels and tires. Is there a 5th Gen owner you know that would loan you their front wheels for a ten minute road test?

If the problem still exists then we check the rotor and hub with a run-out gauge.

There is a remote possibility that the cause is related to alignment and toe. I have seen a few instances of this with the the G8 and her cousin the Camaro with worn tie rod ends and whacked toe. This is a remote possibility. Do you know what your alignment specs are?
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