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Originally Posted by 1chasingspeed View Post
I'm glad I read this post, because I'm considering doing the lowering springs also, and I would have freaked out if I saw them looking like that after an install. I want to do them myself, but I'm worried I'll run out of patience, or something will go wrong. So I'm considering them, but I don't want to mess up the ride quality. Before I bought my car, I test drove one that had been lowered, and it rode so bad I thought all of them did. So I test drove the one I ended up buying and loved it. So does anyone have any suggestions on springs that will lower my car about an inch without sacrificing ride quality? I don't want it to ride anymore more stiff than it does.
Ride quality is subjective. Installation plays a role in ride quality. If the bushings are not timed, ride quality suffers. If you are on after market wheels and lower profile tires, the shorter side wall takes away more ride quality than the lowering coils. Think of the sidewall as a spring. The shorter it is the harsher the ride. Combine a low profile tire, heavier than stock wheel and lowering coils and you'll see a rather significant reduction in ride quality.

If we haven't scared you away our 220032 and 220033 lowering coils are state of the art.

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