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Originally Posted by camarosspower View Post
I finished my rear springs today . I'm wondering if everybody else unbolted the trailing arms toe rods upper control arms etc . The way that I finished my installation was by leaving both bolts (the one that holds the struts and the one from the lower control arm) loose and then tighten them up once the car was in the ground. Did I do this right or did I mess up big time? I plan on getting the car aligned tomorrow.
You did well.

At the alignment shop they will have to loosen the rear camber bolts, the RLCA inner bolts. Ask them to jounce th car several times with those bolts loose. Up front the inner LCA bolts are not part of the alignment, but those bushings are very strong. Ask them to loosen those two bolts, jounce the car and then tighten them.
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