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Coincidental alignment & balance or did my dealer drop the ball?

Good Evening Guys,I'm looking for a bit of feedback from all of you great forum members out there. My 2011 Camaro SS was smelling like fuel at idle and having a rough time starting so I took it to my local dealer to have them check it out as I know I'm under warranty. Low and behold ... at a whopping 13,500 miles my car's fuel pump apparently needed to be replaced... Fast forwarding... I picked my car up from the dealer and instantly noticed a little left to right play in my steering wheel that increased as I accelerated. I took my car back letting them know that something was wrong, and they came back to me saying that I need an alignment and my tires need to be load-balanced.... and that they were not going to cover it and that they were not at fault as this is a regular service item. I'm taken back right now as ... when I dropped the car off this problem wasn't there at all and now they want $250 bucks to get it taken care of...*Is it just a sudden case of really bad coincidence that went bad when I didn't have my car or is my dealer seriously trying to take advantage of me?
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