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Originally Posted by LimaCharlie View Post
That's not her Camaro. It's a pace car that has been used in previous NASCAR races.
Someone mentioned she is not a good driver. Her results from IndyCar prove this wrong. I think she has big potential in NASCAR but she needs to change race teams. She would probably have better results if she raced for Hendrick or Gibbs.
The only reason she still has a NASCAR ride is because she is an attractive woman and sells. There is another side to NASCAR than driving a car, you have to be able to talk, being able to sell your sponsors is pretty huge in that industry. Danica is absolutely horrid on a dirt track, she will even tell you herself that she hates racing on dirt because she gets dirty. Most NASCAR drivers got their start on dirt. Clint Bowyer comes out and races an IMCA modified with us every summer and he's just as fast on dirt as he is on asphalt. If your good, you can figure out and drive anything. So its the race teams fault because she wads up her race car nearly every race? She blows.
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