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Originally Posted by J. Puller View Post
Yeah, those SS's and ZL1's are sick. Love all the options they have. But like you I am 100% content with my 6. Next car will most assurably be a SS. But til then I'm going to love the car I have right now.
Yeah agreed. I must admit since joining these forums I do get some rs envy, ss envy, I don't have the big screen or back up camera or fog lights in my car, but when I went to buy one I wanted old school, I was like, the old camaros didn't have all that fancy stuff lol. I am going to add fog lights to it though. It's crazy how fast this car is, I was driving down one of the streets yesterday going to pick up my kid from soccer practice and I looked at the gauge and I was going 60, I thought I was going 40 maybe lol. I really can't imagine how fast I would go in an V8 engine. I think for my residential area a V6 is fast enough.
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