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Originally Posted by Avoooo View Post
Does suspension really help quarter mile times by a decent margin, or is all suspension work mostly for tracking the car? Not very familiar with all this.

Thanks again
Suspension definitely helps with quarter mile performance. You should not only see an improvement in times but also in the consistency of the car itself. Now the amount of improvement will vary depending on what parts you install and the car itself but I can tell you with 100% certainty that suspension is very important for getting all the performance out of your car that can at the dragstrip.

Since the Camaros utilize IRS in the rear the goal with modifying the rear suspension is to limit the unwanted movement in the rear cradle, rear suspension, and rear end. Doing this will allow to get the power to the ground for optimal performance and will also keep you from breaking parts due to wheel hop. We have developed many hard parts like trailing arms and toe rods along with a full bushings line to improve the suspension on the late model Camaros.
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