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Originally Posted by Big C CamaroSS View Post
This question is for racerx8 or Pete. Is this an install a certified (Hyundai) mechanic can do? My mechanic buddy did an outstanding job installing my Magnuson supercharger, but he had the step by step manual to guide him. Are there instructions on the Pedders website that I could print off that would guide him (us) installing the 1LE Permagrin pkg? The 32mm sway bar should be straight forward (hopefully).....I'm concerned with the bushings!

This is for Pete....I have the Pedders ZL1 27mm front & 32mm rear sway bars. What would adding the front sway bar do to the 1LE's handling?
Sways are straight forward. The rear is cake. In the front, on a lift the key is to work off one or both of the OEM sway bar brackets. A pair of large Channel lock pliers give good leverage. I have seen techs do it with large screw drivers. Once the bracket or brackets are off the hard work is over.

Using our 27 compared to the factory 27 is a no brainer. It is Pedders Red and automatically adds 15 RWHP

The factory bar is fixed position. Our bar is adjustable. Using the enter hole consider it a factory bar. Move to the softest hole, the hole furthest away from the mounting straps and closest to the firewall, your 1LE delivers an incredibly smooth transition to oversteer at slightly lower track speeds. If you want to dial it down, move the endlinks to the hole closest to the radiator. You now have more bar than OEM.

Sway bar settings are not locked down. Want just a little more bar? Then move one endlink to the soft hole and leave the other in the center hole. Adjust tire pressure, alignment, spring rate, compression and rebound along with incremental changes to the bars. Pretty soon we have some flexibility in setup
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