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Originally Posted by JusticePete View Post
You can't compare data acquired through different equipment accurately. In addition to that peak Gs are not the measure you would want to use. I can take a car out to the skid pad, flick the wheel and generate a high peak G. The number is of limited value. The condition of the track surface is a major factor as our tires. To do a direct comparison would take big bucks. You would need a skid pad for a few days. Consistent weather is a must. For five suspensions you would need five cars with no alterations other than suspension running identical equipment and option packages. The alignments would have to be standardized as would the data collection equipment and installation of equipment. The data you see in magazines tries to approximate these conditions.

In all our track outings with a variety of drivers and 5th Gens 1.38 sustained Gs is the highest we have recorded on street tires. How high is that number? The theoretical limit for a street tire is 1.3 Gs. The guys from Pfadt have posted similar numbers. The Z/28 with what amounts to street legal slicks for tires running our tire sizes (305/30/19) should be able to increase that.

A friend of mine from GM is the Back-to-back T1 National Champion in an exceptionally well prepared Vette. Here is what has been posted about his race car on slicks.

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"Buttermore sees spikes of 2.0 g and sustained in the 1.4-1.5 area, I would think with areo ST2 cars should see a little higher than that. I've seen numbers similar to Wallys with Geffs ST2/TTS car, depending on track surface."

1.38 is as good as it can get with street tires in a 5th Gen. Lacking a direct technically sound comparison head out to an autocross or HPDE and see who the fast guys are. In the end, that is the only comparison that matters.

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99 ....Danny Popp........34.868 - LPE / Pedders
29....Todd Rumpkey.....35.344 - Raymond's Performance / Pedders
725..Jordan Priestly.....35.429 - JDP Motorsports / Pfadt
8......Ryan Matthews....35.516 - Detroit Speed / JRI
3......Rob Anderson......35.570 - Wretched Motorsports / Pedders
40....Tim Martin............35.997
17....Scott McAdams....36.761 Pedders
13....Mike Rupp............36.797 Pedders

54....Bryan Johnson.....37.326
5......Benjamin Parker..37.576 Pedders

For the record, Jason drove the wheels off his JDP shop car
Thanks pete, Always a pleasure reading you.

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