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I have bmr subframe connectors and tunnel brace which look to be excellent quality I'd expect thier other parts are as well. I like how thier sway bars are adjustable where as the zl1 bars are not which is one reason I was leaning that way. I checked out peddlers as I seen they have as good of reputation here as bmr and noticed their zl1 sways and do believe the newer design has an advantage over the older style. Ill most likely be buying parts right along cant afford everything at once but some parts here and there and hopefully by spring time ill have it all near completion. I may go one way or another yet depending on price and what I truly need but I apreciate any suggestions or info I can get.

The one thing I notice that my old 93 trans am has over the camaro is the suspension. The ta was lowered and had all poly bushings as well as upgraded sways etc the car handled the turns extremely well and I was thinking the newer technology and independent rear suspension of the newer camaros would surpass the 93 bone stock but I feel a little disappointed with this aspect of the car. And that lt1 was cammed built over 400hp at the crank. So power wise it's somewhat comparable to my ls3.
2010 camaro ss/rs, standard 6 speed, ls3 motor, bmr subframe connectors, jet skip shift eliminator, adm cold air intake, hurst short throw shifter, bo white ported tb, vitesse throttle controller.
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