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Originally Posted by 10 2SS/RS 6M View Post
I had to take the toe links off and put the stock toe links back on, the bushings were really soft and compromised especially from the petroleum based grease and the heat (over 90 degree's, ambient temps) the car was shifting to the right and left when laying on it and especially when down shifting, so as I was lifting it on the lift to check it I noticed the left rear wheel shifted a little toooo much, so I checked the side the side movement and there was was approx 1/4'' or more of movement, that's when I took them off and put the stock links on (my daily driver for now) then examined the toe links and noticed the damage.
When I replaced the trailing arm bushings with the new style bushings and pins is when I noticed the damage to the old style bushings and pins.
The car never felt better with all the new bushings after aligned. It wasn't until I greased them maybe a little too much with the SuperLube is when I started having the toe issue problems. I think I broke the rule that more is not always better!
For now I plan on trying it for a while maybe take all the bushings back out and inspect them, clean them up, install them and align it and see how it goes. Then in the future replace them all, front and rear and stronger control arms etc..
I am not surprised to see that much movement in the poly-urethane bushings since they were installed for quite a while and the wrong grease was being used. It is unfortunate but poly-urethane is pretty sensitive to the grease used to lubricate it and if the wrong grease is used for an extended period of time it will soften the bushings up and the tolerance between the inner sleeve and the bushings themselves will increase.

If you put all the brand new bushings in that I sent you (trailing arms, outer trailing arms, and toe rods) and still had some play back there the issues is going to be somewhere else. I would definitely dig into it a little further and see what you come up with. It is virtually impossible to over grease them because the will only take up as much room as physically available and the rest will either shoot out the sides of the bushing or back out the zerk fitting.

If you dig in deeper and find out what is going let me know. I am thinking that there is something that might be being over looked.
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