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Originally Posted by ss/rs-matt View Post
I love mine. Car rides and handles awesome. I paid for a lifetime alignment at my local tire shop and they will re-align for me for free if I change ride height or if I'm going to the track and want some more camber dialed in. I've played with different ride heights and I'm happy with where it is at now which is about 1.5" lower than stock. I love the stance it has.

I added a supercharger recently and with my 4.10 gears I was having traction issues because I was over powering the rear tires so much. I played with the adjustments, soften up the rear to about 10 and the fronts to about 14. The car immediately hooked better due to better weight transfer.

These coilovers are awesome for the money.
I'm thinking its update time how long have you had these coilovers on your car now? how many miles have you put on them and are you still liking them? Any noises develop with them yet? Anything changes to ride or are they just as good as the day you put them on? Thanks bud, appreciate the time and effort updating this thread. Your car looks great!!!
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