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Originally Posted by Dyk-NO View Post
Where's the build thread of the peddlers camaro? Why did I ask? It's just my favorite camaro up til now that's why!!
It started out as a series of posts, but should have been a build thread. We rolled the build into The BOOK. Maybe I should take the time to create the build portion as a stand alone. I do have a massive 998 picture gallery on FB.


Pedders 2010 Chevrolet Camaro Suspension Evaluation

Foundational 5th Gen Required Upgrades

Lowering Coils and Coilovers

Trouble Free, OEM Quiet V6 Lowering

Sway Bars

Suspension Bushes

ZL1 / CTS-V Brake Upgrade for the SS

Wheels and Tires

Bush Timing, Alignment and Torque Specs

Pedders USA Camaro 2.0

Lingenfelter L/28 Tech

5th Gen Wheel Hop and Drag Race Setup

Thermal Management

Running Changes Made to the 5th Gen by Chevrolet

Public Track Test #1

Public Track Test #2 Camaro vs. Mustang Supercar Shootout

2013 Strut Mounts, Pedders Coilover Pre-Compression and Ride Height Settings
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