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Originally Posted by Orange Crush 1LE View Post
Thanks, I was really surprised at the big gains without sacrificing driveability. I'm fortunate that Synergy is 20 miles from me. Rick is well known in NorCal for his engine building and dyno tuning expertise, so I put my trust in him to do just that and he delivered. As I understand it, the trick is to design the cam so that it doesn't abuse the valve springs. Valve springs on a typical big cam that is used on a road course need to be replaced at least every season, or more often if you blow a couple of shifts. The cam profiles on this cam are more gradual. And the slightly lower lift of this cam is to prevent the valves from colliding with the pistons if you over-rev, which is easy to do on the track with so much going on. There's probably a lot more to it than that, I'll let the experts chime in if they have anything to add.

Here's the thing- The dyno results show that I didn't have to sacrifice much HP at all to achieve this improved longevity. This is an impressive cam.

I don't have any vids yet, but it sounds mean. Not extremely lumpy, but nicely cammed. I wore out the stock pads after just two track weekends, so it's in getting track pads and stainless brake lines now, but I may get a chance to video the idle in a couple of weeks before my next track outing at Buttonwillow
Looks like this is the type of cam I'm looking for! Durability, good power, not too radical and nice idle (I'll take your word for it till I hear a video clip, lol!)
Originally Posted by Synner View Post
Ramp rates are gentler, lower overall lift, more duration. Stock oil pump or melling with the stock pressure spring. There is no benefit to running a high volume on these cars anyways. Road racing it will heat the oil more and increases likelihood of running the pan dry. Although in these tanks you will likely need slicks to get there.
Thanks for the info! I'm a newb at cams so I'm starting to do my research before it's time to drop the hammer on one!
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