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I'm not sure why this is a major issue. They already have your information, so the information that is input into the website is public knowledge. They are not accusing you of anything, just sending out a letter saying you were seen littering, and here's a free litter bag for your car. If you were littering, then maybe you'll think twice next time. If you weren't, who cares. It's not like you are now on a list where everyone can harass you. Also, they don't mention that you will be kept in a database. Although they might keep your information, I'm not sure what that could be used for.

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ya. it sucks that anyone can just report you and it doesn't even matter if you actually did it or not. that is like someone calling in your plates for speeding and and then you get a ticket in the mail just on that person's word! BOGUS!
That's not really the same. If they send in your plates for littering, you don't get a ticket. You only get a letter. If they did start ticketing people, then that would be BS.
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