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Originally Posted by Rucom197 View Post
Looking to stop the wheel hop what do you guys think?
Those parts are definitely not bad by any means and will help with the wheel hop. We also offer some very affordable trailing arms and toe rods too if you are interested. There are a few key suspension components that really help get the wheel hop under control, the trailing arms and toe rods area couple important pieces to make that happen. There is also the outer trailing arm bushings, rear cradle bushings, differential bushings, and upper rear control arm bushings that help with wheel hop. The key to controlling wheel hop is to limit the movement in rear cradle/rear suspension/differential. There are so many variables that contribute to wheel hop that every car is a little different in what it takes to make that happen. Power level, transmission type, tire specs, weather, and road conditions are just a couple variable that influence wheel hop.

Before I would be able to recommend any particular parts I would need to know what your goals are for the car and what kind of driving you are going to be doing. I would be more than happy to go over this stuff with you so just let me know.

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