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Actually the specs are about 2 points higher leaving the refinery to leave some margin of error. 93 Amoco Ultimate is 95 when it leaves the blending station in the refinery. The gov't frowns on the octane being below the r+m/2 at the pump.

The ethanol is splash blended at the terminal into the trucks. We refine gasoline and buy the ethanol, prob why BP is getting away from it.

Ultimate USED to be shipped in it's own tankers exclusively when it was still Amoco to keep the quality up, not sure that's the case since BP bought Amoco in '99. Too easy to get some dilution with leftovers (87) in the tankers.

Question for the OP...Do the 91 pumps still say Amoco Ultimate up there? Might be coming from a different refinery.
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