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Seeking 9s on M6...
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Prepping for Texas Mile

Wow, when I bought the SS automatic stock rear diff, I thought it would be a quick swap of the ZL1 diff and axles back to stock...not quite so easy... Turns out the ZL1 drive shaft is about an inch shorter than the SS. So no biggie, change the drive shaft...then I discover the bushing on the SS shaft are actually slightly larger than the ZL1 I had to change the trans flange too...that's more of a PITA. So I ended up having to swap out the entire ZL1 driveline, back to stock.

I'm not sure if they have aftermarket gears for the ZL1, but i'm starting to think swapping the gears might have been easier .

Anyway, now I just hope the stock SS components hold up to my current power. I have a pair of Goodyear supercar tires coming since my current tires were Y and not (Y) rated.

2 weeks to go. Then I get to do the ZL1 drive line swap again before the Camaro/Corvette shootout in Seally Texas! I can't wait for both events.

Goal is 200mph in the mile and 10.5 at the shootout!
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