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Nice. Glad to see u enjoying your procharger. By far my favorite blower but I'm only used to using there race blowers. F3's and bigger. Built motors and crew chiefed for my buddies pro street mustang. Small block ford on alcohol making 50 pounds of boost. Best we managed was 6.50 @ 212 MPH. Retired from racing and now I want to play on the street!!!!

Can't decide between a procharger D1SC, Vortech YSI or Maggie 2300. The catch is, which ever blower I get it has to be able to run a cog drive reliably with a manual transmission on the street and not blow belts on violent gear changes. I've been told with the centri blowers running a cog on the street with a manual transmission really depends on how sturdy the brackets are. If there's lots of movement you'll blow belts all the time on hard gear changes. So far the Maggie is looking like the most reliable with a cog drive. I gotta have the blower whine sound!!!!! Need to find some guys with centri blowers and cog drive and find out what the real dealio is??
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