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Originally Posted by GbrilliantQ View Post
I drilled out two holes for the extenders to come through. Added a nice rubber grommet on both sides and it gets covered by the carpet. I haven't decided if I want them to extend through the carpet yet. Oh and also I did the entire install myself in my driveway on jackstands. Pretty easy stuff.

From my Note
How hard is it to DIY? Suspension is the only component I'm scared to do myself because I don't want to end up with a botched install and miserable ride. Well at least springs/coilovers. I've done my front sway and trailing arms myself.

Originally Posted by caverman View Post
Like this....Mike @ Whiteside did my install and cut the wholes for me. 2" round wholes and some 2" desk gromets from Lowes glued in works perfect.

Some people freak on cutting holes in their trunk. It didn't bother me. It's not big enough of a whole to cause structural issues. If you're super concerned about it you could keep the pieces that get cut out and have them welded back in some day.
I'm not concerned at all about drilling the holes. I'd much prefer that than no holes so I can adjust the coilovers easier. Just want input from others that they're worth the money

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