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Originally Posted by vcyclenut View Post
There have been several camaros for sale recently with superchargers and stock internals.

What's are peoples experience with the reliability of this combination.

There are some with a decent amount of miles on them which makes me believe if you don't tune it too crazy and aren't beating on it all the time it's pretty reliable.

Also how does the stock drivetrain hold up to 550 plus rwhp

More power typically means the potential for more wear. This question is asked about every month on one of the forums here. The way I look at it is, the stock motor that GM builds makes 330-375 on the wheels depending on version. That motor is good for 100K miles plus. When that power output is increased N/A . You can probably cut that down by 25%. Just guessing . Unless of course you never step on the gas pedal and actually make that power. There are many effects from forced induction. Mainly heat in the combustion chamber and then increased pressure on rotating parts . Stock motors are fine but hey will wear faster and sometimes break. I would guess that the life of the engine could be about 60K like the old hemi motors when they came out backin the day. Just an example of power and wear. Anyway.

I ran 530 WHP for a while on the stock shortblock and ran the crap out of it at the track and on the street. When it finally gave up I wasn't surprised. If you're gong to make big power , stock engine or high performance build . You better be ready for the thing to break because they both do sometimes. If you can't fix it, you should consider not running the horsepower because you're not going to be happy with a broken car sitting in the driveway that you don't have the resources to fix. So the point is , more power is typically reduces overall engine life with a few exceptions. Just know what the score is before you get into something you wish you hadn't .

I'm at 600 to the ground and everything from the trans back is stock with no problems so far. However, I haven't run wide drag radials because I'm concerned I'll break an axel if it hooks solid at the track. I've been just too lazy or too busy to put the new upgrades in.
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