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Originally Posted by alcal1084 View Post
What color are you going with again?
We toyed with the idea of adding pearl to the base white to amke it somewhat distinct. Three test panels were shot with different amounts of pearl. Although it looked great, it would have been a departure from G5.R mechanical racy theme. After much contemplation, we stayed with the factory Summit White and glad we did. As expensive as the paint work is, it would have been nice to distinct it. Most people wont even know it's been repainted. For the folks in the know, they will be able to tell theres no orange peel. Unfortunately most people don't even know what orange peel is, LOL.

Next year we are planning to be back to SEMA if we get an invitation for the Optima Challenge. For a refresh, we are planning on updating the look with the Z/28 body panels (hood, front fascia, rockers, rear diffuser, trunk, rear spoiler and flares) with the Z/28 components. I just think the Z/28 style will look great in white with all the trimming in black.

Unfortunately this means that all the carbon fiber panels we had made (ZL1 diffuser, ZL1 rockers, ZL1 rear spoiler 1LE splitter plus the trunk and hood) will have to go. Kinda disappointed about getting rid of my hood as its a beautiful piece, 100% dry carbon both inside and out. The weave is gorgeous! Currently its getting clear coated. So far it has 12 coats of clear on the underside alone. We did this to fill in some pin holes that you in the carbon. I need to go by next week to give the green flag that we are satisfied and finally it will get two more coat of clear with a minimal amount of flatting agent to give it a satin look. The hood alone was $3,200 on I'm going on time and material on the paint so how know how much we'll have into the hood alone when done.
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