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Originally Posted by IowaGuy View Post
Very well written but I have to tease a little. Please forgive my lack of restraint. I blame the heat.

Hands shaking with anticipation I glanced once again at the kitchen table. The afternoon sunlight danced across the silver wrapping. Its finally here, I thought to myself. The penultimate mod of all mods I have done. The Alpha and the Omega. The one mod to rule them all, and make all my opponents quiver in fear like small children who crossed paths with an unwanted stranger.

As the day passed into evening my feelings of excitement turned to those of muted ambivalence. As the pale light of the moon reflected off the silver wrapper, ambivalence turned to outright terror. What if the mod install goes wrong? Who knows what destruction the mod could wreck in my car. What if a support string breaks? The two parts of the device would be free to wreck absolute havoc, crashing through the car like unrestrained titans.

Needless to say, I got very little sleep that night. The next morning the package was still there. Waiting. Taunting. Like a sword in a stone it waited for the one with the sheer audacity to unleash it from its cage.

It was time for action. Man action. I took the new upgrade to the dealer.

Even the dealer was a bit taken aback by the sheer coolness of the mod. He just looked at me with the strangest expression as I told him what I wanted done. He said he could install it. But for a price. 100 dollars. 1 hour of shop time and parts. He even assured me that his work guarantees my warranty stays intact. The wrench master then informed me that he would call when the task was done. So I took a bus home and waited. An hour went by. Then two hours. Finally, when I thought I could take no more, three hours had passed and my phone rang.

"This is Tim at UBIN RPD service dept. Your, umm, fuzzy dice are installed and the car is ready for you."
HAHA this made my day! thanks
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