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Originally Posted by Mikamaro View Post
Guys!! Did you watch the video? Watch it again and again please!! Conditions were far from ideal.
The track was 80% damp with light rain on 25% of the lenght.what do you expect?

Watch the slides at 4:36' and past the 6 minute mark, he's on light throtle. He oversteer of out corners 3 times due to water and at the most important turn right before the back strait. He completly miss is acceleration and has to lift. So I say that we did not see the top end speed it could off done.

All in all...about 3 seconds off would be fair. 7:35.00 would be the ideal time I think.
None the less he drove like an animal and my hats off to his 7:37.47 in damp conditions. Great job team chevy!!
So I am sure they had Lots of practice laps In "ideal" conditions but chose not to post them. Instead they post the video of the car when it was cold & damp. While technical, this is a horsepower track, I'm pretty sure gm wouldn't pick one of their middle of the road laps as the first video leaked! This is one of their better times and i am sure the cold helped. The car posted a time that i would have expected there. Had the car had the ZL1 Power you would have had the low 7:30 times everyone was looking for. But thats not what this car is about. It is about a 427 z/28 track car that will be sold mostly in the USA and can be driven home after your high performance day at the track. Last time i checked we don't have the "ring" here in america. Given the disadvantage of 80 less horsepower and still SMOKING the zl1 at the ring tell's me that this car is going to blow anything short of a race car off the smaller tracks we have here in america. can't wait to see the times a VIR!! Now that said i'm not selling my zl1 to get one. I drive my car everyday I can and only track it once every other month. You buy the car that fits your needs! Now if i tracked it more and drove it on the road less of course i would be buying the z/28! Didn't mean to ramble on but this car is truly amazing for what it is. Seems some people are just upset because they still haven't figured out what this car was intended to be.... If you are upset about the time because you think "striped car should be faster" clearly this is not the car for you and you. People who buy this car don't even hesitate to think about what it dont have! (This is why I will stay with the Zl1) People who by a z/28 are people who first know they HAVE TO OWN A CAMARO, and second plan to drive it to the track every chance they get blow everything else away on the track and then drive it home with no problems! Maybe take it to a show or two.... so you can brag about how you kicked that gtr's a$$

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